Coney Island After watching Uptown Girls, with Dakota Fanning and the late Brittany Murphy, I had high expectations for Coney Island. I wanted my irresponsible nanny to show me what childhood should’ve been like, while riding a spinning teacup. I imagined an East Coast, Santa Monica Pier scene, but unfortunately I was faced with what I… Read More #NEWYORK


Del Mar Fair Every summer I’ve looked forward to the fair, because of the rides, people watching, and the food. This year was no disappointment. I made sure to go on a day when they were selling wristbands that let me go on all the rides unlimited times until 8PM. Some of the rides actually… Read More #SANDIEGO


Vegan Sweets Found! Whether for health or ethical reasons, being a vegan can be very difficult, especially if you have a sweet tooth. I’m only lactose free, and that’s hard enough. As time goes on, finding gluten free, dairy free, and vegan foods has become way easier, but I still struggle with finding bakery treats… Read More #VEGANDESSERTS