Barcelona Guide

The third of my trips was to Barcelona for Abroadfest. Abroadfest is basically three days of clubbing for American college kids, who are studying abroad. After this trip, I kind of understand why some countries don’t like Americans—we travel in huge packs, we’re loud, we’re obnoxious, and we take pictures like we have 1M followers… Read More Barcelona Guide

Budapest Guide

The weekend after Copenhagen, my friend and I travelled to Budapest. The sole reason I chose Budapest was for the SzĂ©chenyi thermal bath—it’s all over Instagram. It’s a “must-Insta,” if you’re studying abroad in Europe. It may have been a shallow reason to go to Hungary, but Budapest was surprisingly fun. EAT: View this post… Read More Budapest Guide

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For

The new Instagram update is coming, whether we want it or not. If you have opened the app today, you have already seen the “turn on post notifications” posts from popular accounts. Before the photo sharing app gets totally turned upside down with the new timeline structure, or not, here are some of my favorite… Read More 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For


This is Regan. She’s one of my roommates from The New School and she’s from Forest Hill, MD. She’s never been to California, and during our winter break she braved a delayed flight to see me (what a doll). Here are a few choice reactions from the West Coast depraved. Disneyland/California Adventure: S: What’d you… Read More #REGANREACTIONS


Ralph’s Coffee On the second floor of the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store, is the chicest coffee shop in NYC. It’s cash only, so bring your $$. The coffee is certified organic and ethically and sustainably sourced, also they have almond milk (catch up Starbucks!). If you visit and love the coffee, you’re in luck… Read More #NEWYORK