Trend Spotting: Crushed-Foil Metallics

Metallics are not new in fashion. In the 1930s, lamé was commonly used for evening gowns and contributed to “Old Hollywood Glamour.” During the 80s, when people wanted non-natural colors to incorporate into their wardrobes, metallics were widely accepted, but then unfortunately labeled as “tacky.” There was a brief resurgence in the 90s, but the… Read More Trend Spotting: Crushed-Foil Metallics

Fashion Change Theory: Tour Merch

Whether an old vintage ACDC t-shirt or a Justin Bieber Purpose Tour long-sleeve, tour merchandise has made its comeback. Thanks to reality stars, young musicians, and their fans the march is being worn, and not only to concerts. The theories responsible for this trend are the “fashion cycle” and the “trickle-up theory.” Fashion Cycle: Trends are rarely… Read More Fashion Change Theory: Tour Merch

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For

The new Instagram update is coming, whether we want it or not. If you have opened the app today, you have already seen the “turn on post notifications” posts from popular accounts. Before the photo sharing app gets totally turned upside down with the new timeline structure, or not, here are some of my favorite… Read More 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For