Trend Spotting: Crushed-Foil Metallics

Metallics are not new in fashion. In the 1930s, lamé was commonly used for evening gowns and contributed to “Old Hollywood Glamour.” During the 80s, when people wanted non-natural colors to incorporate into their wardrobes, metallics were widely accepted, but then unfortunately labeled as “tacky.” There was a brief resurgence in the 90s, but the… Read More Trend Spotting: Crushed-Foil Metallics

Fashion Change Theory: Tour Merch

Whether an old vintage ACDC t-shirt or a Justin Bieber Purpose Tour long-sleeve, tour merchandise has made its comeback. Thanks to reality stars, young musicians, and their fans the march is being worn, and not only to concerts. The theories responsible for this trend are the “fashion cycle” and the “trickle-up theory.” Fashion Cycle: Trends are rarely… Read More Fashion Change Theory: Tour Merch

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For

The new Instagram update is coming, whether we want it or not. If you have opened the app today, you have already seen the “turn on post notifications” posts from popular accounts. Before the photo sharing app gets totally turned upside down with the new timeline structure, or not, here are some of my favorite… Read More 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For


Itty Bitty Titty Committee What a time to be alive (at least for those with less of a chest, comme moi). I’ve always known that I wasn’t meant to have big boobs, and I’ve come to understand the typical advantages of this situation. I don’t have to buy expensive, specially padded sports bras Running doesn’t… Read More #IBTC


Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons The cool girl, original online store has teamed up with the trending, lace-loving brand, For Love & Lemons, to bring a collection of sheer perfection to its buyers. The collaboration features two maxi dresses, two crop top & skirt sets, one body suit, one bra & thong set, and… Read More #COLLABS


Planet Blue, Santa Monica I just got back from LA with one of my best friends, and while we were there she recommended we go to Planet Blue. I had introduced her to the store through Instagram, but I unfollowed because it wasn’t my style anymore. The store had it’s own parking lot, which was… Read More #LOSANGELES


Night Four Ever since the WeWoreWhat x The Vintage Twins collab, I’ve been waiting to get a flannel of my own. This “Sorry Not Sorry” blue flannel is the cutest when worn around my waist. The shipping time was horrendous because of the holidays, but I’m glad it finally arrived today!