Fashion Change Theory: Tour Merch

Whether an old vintage ACDC t-shirt or a Justin Bieber Purpose Tour long-sleeve, tour merchandise has made its comeback. Thanks to reality stars, young musicians, and their fans the march is being worn, and not only to concerts. The theories responsible for this trend are the “fashion cycle” and the “trickle-up theory.” Fashion Cycle: Trends are rarely… Read More Fashion Change Theory: Tour Merch

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For

The new Instagram update is coming, whether we want it or not. If you have opened the app today, you have already seen the “turn on post notifications” posts from popular accounts. Before the photo sharing app gets totally turned upside down with the new timeline structure, or not, here are some of my favorite… Read More 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For


Taylor Marie Hill One of the newest and youngest Victoria’s Secret Angels, Taylor Hill is an incredibly gorgeous girl who happens to only be one year older than me. The 19-year-old has already appeared in numerous campaigns for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Fendi, Forever 21, and Juicy Couture. She was scouted at the early… Read More #MODELMOMENT


Coachella Vibes 2015 I’m going through Coachella withdrawal, because I keep seeing Weekend 2 snapchats and instagrams. The rehabilitation from Weekend 1 is finally complete, but just in time for the second wave of the festival. I know I’m not alone in feeling super nostalgic for the previous weekend, so this playlist is for us. Heavy… Read More #PLAYLIST


Josie Canseco If you’re familiar with Summer Break 2, the high-school summer reality YouTube show, then you should know about Jose Canseco’s only daughter. The 18 year-old beauty loves being independent and free, and while her career isn’t at a Gigi Hadid level, it is rising. Josie, with 42K (and counting) followers, had an adventurous summer… Read More #MODELMOMENT