Barcelona Guide

The third of my trips was to Barcelona for Abroadfest. Abroadfest is basically three days of clubbing for American college kids, who are studying abroad. After this trip, I kind of understand why some countries don’t like Americans—we travel in huge packs, we’re loud, we’re obnoxious, and we take pictures like we have 1M followers on Instagram. However, I did love Barcelona, as it was my first trip to Spain. I would definitely come back during the summer.


Happy Pills

I’m not exactly sure how these shops became such a big thing, but I even knew about it before I booked my Abroadfest ticket last winter. It’s like any Sweet Factory, where there are different kinds of candy for you to fill up your container with. For around 10 Euros I got a “Severe” 480 gr. pill bottle. Most of the candy is gummy and not chocolate, though they did have a pre-made chocolate set available to purchase. The best part is choosing your stickers. The first one is free and every sticker after that is .50 Euros.


Ciudad Condal

I still dream about the ham I had at this restaurant. I don’t know if it was because we waited over an hour for our table and I was deliriously hungry (we were like 10 people with no reservation) or the food was actually amazing or both, but this was the best meal I had in Barcelona. This place didn’t have the best sangria, but any food you order on the menu or at the tapas bar will be delicious. The prices were also reasonable, which was nice because I consumed too much food. I can’t even look at the photo, because I’ll book a flight back to Spain just to eat.

La Boqueria Mercat

The reason I put La Boqueria under “EAT” and not “SHOP” is because you will 100% find delicious food and consume it wholly, immediately after purchasing. I got paella that I still dream about. Colorful fruit juices are everywhere, and you shouldn’t pay over 1 Euro for one. The stalls take cash, but thankfully, a lot of them take card and contactless as well.


A restaurant/club, this place is ideal for outdoor dining on a beautiful day. A must-order is the sangria—I swear it’s the best I’ve ever had. I got the Thai soup and my friends got Buddha bowls and all of it was delicious. The prices are a little steep. A sangria pitcher was around 30 Euros and each of our dishes were around 18 Euros, but it’s worth it. Our waiter was a little rude and told us we couldn’t share a dish and the pitcher, so we each had to get an entree. However, one of the best things about CDLC is that there are pay-what-you-like masseuses. The people watching is also prime.


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Park Güell

For Spanish architecture lovers and sorority girls studying abroad who want to take the same picture their bigs did, Park Guell is the place. We got our general tickets online for 7.50 Euros. I would recommend getting to the park on the early side, because everyone and their mothers will be here. Be prepared to wait in line to take a photo (or 7 million) on the benches.

Bunkers del Carmel

For one of the best views of Barcelona, take a cab to Bunkers del Carmel. Once you’re at the bottom of the hill, you’ll have to hike your way up to the top. If you’re not out of breath by the time you get there, I hate you. Bring a bottle of wine and chill while you watch the sunset.



This club was huge. We lost a friend after going to the bathroom, and it took us at least 15-30 minutes to find her again. Abroadfest had DJs playing two rooms. Louis The Child played at 2:30am in Room 1 called “Lit AF.” This was the first night of Abroadfest, and yet everyone was running into someone they knew. I saw a girl who I once went to Thanksgiving with, and she was friends with a girl who went to camp with my friend. We left the club around 5:15am and used MyTaxi to get back to our Airbnb.

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Shôko Barcelona

A restaurant during the day, Shôko is a club next to the more famous, Opium. We went to this location twice, and this one had less space than Razzmatazz, but it was right on the beach. Here, Slushii (who looks way older than his age) and Cash Cash played. On Saturday night, Marshmello was at Opium, so it’s evident that Opium gets better acts.

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