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After taking nearly a year off from writing on this blog, I decided it might be time to start up again. As I’m “studying” abroad in London, I’ve done a decent amount of traveling and want to share with you my version of a guide to the cities I’ve visited. The first destination, and one of my favorites, was Copenhagen, Denmark. I was only there for three days, but I would definitely go back.


Hotel Astoria

On a budget, this hotel was the perfect choice. It’s right next to the train station in the city center, and you can walk to everything. The receptionists are very friendly and speak great English. The hotel is very millennial friendly and well decorated. I stayed in a room with two twin beds, which was very comfortable, and had a decent view of the street. If you come back at a late hour, you have to buzz in, and the reception will let you in. You can leave your luggage with them, but I don’t think they lock their storage, so leave at your own risk—nothing was taken or missing, in my case.


The Union Kitchen

I went to this place twice and ordered the same thing. The Union Kitchen is Instagram famous for their cappuccinos with mocha text dusted on top. You never know what you’re going to get written on yours. Mine said, “Fuck It,” and I was very pleased. Portions for food are generous and the prices are reasonable for Copenhagen, which I quickly learned charges a fortune for food. (Side note: My waitress looked like the ultimate cool girl, complete with a Balenciaga baseball cap, and I wanted to be her friend.) You might have to wait a bit outside for a table if you don’t make a reservation, so I recommend planning ahead.

California Kitchen

I got my wallet stolen while walking to this restaurant. An hour or so later, I was back. I ordered the San Diego Salad, because I have to show love to my hometown. It had quinoa and avocado and tofu, and it was so good. I also highly recommend getting a limeade.


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This is a must-see, if you go to Copenhagen. If you didn’t take a picture in front of the colorful buildings, did you even go? As it was February when I went, I can only imagine how great this area is during the spring and summer.


What I can only describe as a post-apocalyptic, weed kingdom is Christiania. I guess weed laws in the city of Copenhagen are pretty strict, but the government gave the Danish a place where they can smoke freely. This is the place your mother warns you about. It’s probably better when it’s warmer out, but it still wasn’t my favorite. Go if you like to smoke, but please don’t be like the Americans next to me who loudly talked about how taking edibles give you less control than smoking—no, duh.


It only cost a little under 10 USD to enter the theme park; however, it was in the middle of February, so the better, more thrilling rides weren’t operating. The wooden rollercoaster was a highlight, as my friend and I were not expecting drops of any sort. In summer, the ticket prices go up to around 20 USD, but it was a short walk from our hotel, so it’s easy enough to go.

La Fontaine

On Sunday night, my friend invited me to this jazz club. It’s a very small venue, so she got there early to grab seats. I’d never purposefully listened to jazz, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. After the house band played, they invited people to play/sing with them, and it was not amateur night at all.

The Little Mermaid Statue

My favorite Disney princess is Ariel, so I had to walk to the Little Mermaid statue. It’s a tad underwhelming, but the weather was nice, so it was a really peaceful spot to watch people take photos with a pretty rock.



It cost 100 DKK to get in, which is around $16.50 USD, but I recommend going on a weekend. The DJ was great, and the space has a high ceiling with mirrored walls. I left around 2:30am, which is the mark of decent night.



If I had the money, I would do some serious damage at this department store. There’s classic luxury, sportswear, streetwear, food, a terrace, and neon art. It’s my heaven.

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