Style Tribe: Gallerina

A style tribe is a group of like-minded/living individuals who adopt an appearance as a way to determine membership.

Gallerinas are a style tribe of young professionals (male or female) in the NYC art gallery world. The name is fairly obvious and has even been used in a New York Times article.

Gallerinas flocking outside of the Guggenheim.

Gallerinas are seen somewhat as snooty and very competitive, think Charlotte York from “Sex in the City.” They pride themselves on their Art History degrees and are always “very busy.” They aren’t so much interested in entering the creative side of the business, but are more interested in the commercial. They are often overqualified and hungrily climbing the ladder to become art dealers.

What’s that dark figure? A gallerina dressed in all black headed to Chelsea no doubt.

A typical gallerina is extremely well-groomed, as appearance is everything. They are smartly dressed and often attractive. The more well-off gallerina female will tote a designer bag and accessorize with simple jewelry. Hair is often, but not limited to, brunette and wavy or straight. Makeup is minimal and the only hint of adventure would be a red or dark lip. Black is the color of every year for gallerinas, and I would guarantee that you could always find something black on a true gallerina. They never wear anything too distracting, as that would take away from the art they are trying to sell, but they do incorporate vintage pieces into their wardrobes.

Gallerina hard at work.

Leaders in this style tribe would be the fictional Charlotte York, Jenna Lyons & J. Crew, Kate Middleton, Tory Burch, Theory, and possibly Salvatore Ferragamo.

Charlotte York // pinterest
Jenna Lyons // fulloftaste

As the New York gallery world progressed, the gallerina was born, as the need for a higher aesthetic was greater. The term was popularized in Danielle Ganek’s novel, “Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him,” and then the role was epitomized in Charlotte York’s character. As the art world mingled with celebrities and important figures, the role of the gallerina became more esteemed and put more pressure on them to look the part of the smart young woman.

Featured Image:

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