PANTONE 19-4045 Lapis Blue

Top colors for Spring 17//pantone

The PANTONE Fashion Color Report provides an overview of the colors used by designers for their SS17 collections.

“Conveying even more energy is Lapis Blue. Strong and confident, this intense blue shade is imbued with an inner radiance,” according to PANTONE.


19-4045 Lapis Blue is a low saturated, dark, cool blue. It’s a shade of the primary blue and would be analogous to blue on the color wheel. The name comes from lapis lazuli, the bright blue metamorphic rock, commonly used for jewelry and decoration.

lapis lazuli stones//

The color is part of a long-wave cycle of deep, darker blues. It’s a brighter more energizing blue than Niagara, and is reminiscent of the ocean or sea, which makes for a good hue during the spring and summer months. The color originally comes from nature, and has been sought for ages because of its intense hue. In the past, Lapis Blue has been used in jewelry, but I’m seeing more of it in outerwear, especially now that fall and winter are approaching.

A woman on 5th Ave. wearing a Lapis Blue coat.

For the spring, I can see it being incorporated more into peoples’ wardrobes, like in this Anna Sui look:

Anna Sui Spring 2017 RTW//vogue

Lapis Blue falls into the consumer category of Color Prudents and Color Loyals. Color Prudents are those who wait for a color to be accepted and Color Loyals are those who stick to classic hues. Because Lapis Blue is one of the safest choicest after black for consumers, I would say that for traditional pieces one wouldn’t hesitate to buy in this color. For more outgoing pieces, Color Prudents would wait for Lapis Blue to be seen on other people, before they tried to wear it.

People who would be inclined to accept Lapis Blue may do so, because of the association with where it was found (Middle East/Northern Africa) or where it was exported (Europe) and used (during the Renaissance/Baroque periods and often reserved for central figures of paintings). Or they may accept it, because it’s relatively easy to wear. It’s a passive hue, but is one of the hues preferred by adults. I can see people who are from Europe, from the Middle East, from Northern Africa, educated in art, educated in ancient historic cultures, adults, and traveling young adults, wearing Lapis Blue.

Featured Image:


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