Summer Sixteen Tour


Sam Edelman boots, Drake xl long-sleeve, Rebecca Minkoff love bag, Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings

Naturally, the night after I arrive back in the city, I go to the last night of Drake & Future’s Summer Sixteen Tour leg at Madison Square Garden. I get there at 5:55pm with a friend, pass on the xxl and buy the xl shirt, change in the bathroom, and spend the next 1.5 hours taking pictures for Instagram until someone steps on stage. Heeled boots were probably not the best choice for a 3+ hour long concert, but I survive to tell the tale. Surprise guests include: Cam’ron, Julez Santana, Fat Joe, T.I., Remy Ma, and J. Cole. My phone dies near the end of the show, after a valiant effort and several Snapchats uploaded to my story. After the show, we uber to Papaya Dog on 14th and 1st Ave, order greasy food, and then make it back to my apartment, where I spend the night sleeping on my bedroom floor. What a welcome back to the city I love.

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