5 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

I left for Nicaragua in mid-June not knowing exactly what to expect. I knew it was hot (in the high 80s), it was a popular surfing destination, and that it costed $10 to enter the Central American country. After a week spent at my friend, Bella’s house in San Juan del Sur, I can positively say that one should definitely visit Nicaragua given the chance. I’ll help plan your next vacation.

  • The Food: 

    Traditional Nicaraguan cuisine is similar to Mexican, but with more plantains. In San Juan del Sur (on the coast of the southwest part of Nicaragua), there weren’t just taco stands. The small town has a modern brewery, coffee shops fit for SF hipsters (El Gato Negro is my personal recommendation), and tapas restaurants that I certainly didn’t expect to find there. My only warning is to be careful with the water like you would in Mexico. I unfortunately caught something that made my stomach feel like it was running a marathon for the last two days of my stay. I drank bottled water for the whole trip, but failed to remember that ice is used to blend smoothies.

  • The Beaches: 

    The sand is soft, the water is warm, and WiFi is everywhere. Some beaches have more rocks than others, which can make getting in and out of the water a test of how sensitive your soles are, so when you find a rockless beach-don’t leave. There will be a place for you to get food, and that’s usually where you’ll also get your WiFi.


  • The Sunsets: 

    I’ve been watching sunsets over the ocean my whole life, so when I say a sunset is remarkable, I mean it (I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal). My favorite colors are pink and blue, so I was very satisfied when I looked at the sky at around 8pm each night.

  • The Insta-Worthy Backgrounds: 

    I know it’s a basic thought to have, while on vacation in a foreign country, but there were a lot of great spots to take a candid or a Boomerang. The bright colors of the town would spice up any feed. #dontfightthebasic


  • The Surfing/Surfers: 

    Before I left, my mother went to the AT&T store in San Diego to get my phone travel-ready, and the very cute guy helping her had just come back from Nicaragua on a surfing trip. When walking around in the town of San Juan del Sur, no one could deny the plentiful amount of attractive/nomadic looking surfer types (shirtless, sun-bleached hair, and tan). It also helped if they had Australian accents. Oh, but the waves do get pretty big, so if you’re actually into getting in the water on a board, then you should come too.

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