The Most Instagramable Starbucks Drink of the Summer

It actually tastes good too!

Released this year, the “Pink Drink” is Starbucks’s new summer drink. To order, just go to any Starbucks and ask for the Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk instead of water (by now if you just order it by name, the barista should know). The great news about this beverage is that it is vegan and low calorie. The tall has approximately 100 calories, the grande has approximately 130 calories, and the venti has approximately 200 calories. It tastes like a light strawberry milk with hints of acai, and it is delicious. To quote my close friend Glenn, “It’s good as tits. It kind of reminds me of hookah.” From her, that means she highly approves.

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on wednesdays we drink pink 💞 #pinkdrink

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More recently, Starbucks has released Granita drinks. The new concoctions are basically teas poured over shaved ice. Three flavors are available: Strawberry Lemon Limeade, Teavanna Youthberry White Tea (my favorite), and Caramel Espresso. These drinks are part of the Sunset Menu, so they are only available after 3pm.

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