Girl Talk Part 2: Dating Dos


Round two is here. My roommates and I are back with another edition of “Girl Talk.”Last time we talked about Dating Turn-Offs, but this time we’re discussing what guys do correctly while dating.

  1. When a guy maintains eye contact, but not in a creepy way. During conversations, it shouldn’t be a staring contest, but he should be looking at you intently.
  2. When a guy makes compliments about your personality. This shows that the guy isn’t just thinking about hooking up with you, and actually wants to get to know you. If all you’re getting is “You’re so hot” and “I love that top on you,” leave.
  3. When a guy has a plan for the date. Effort is nice. Spontaneity can be fun, but planning shows that he took the time to consider what would be fun for the both of you.
  4. When he walks you home. Especially in the city at night, it is really nice to be walked home without any expectation of being invited back to your place.
  5. When he is not afraid of subtle PDA. I’m not saying making out 24/7 everywhere you go is acceptable, but holding hands shows that he is comfortable being with you and being seen with you.
  6. When he cooks for you. It’s just cute, unless he’s a horrible cook. Don’t count anything microwaved as cooking. I’m talking about a full meal, where ingredients had to be purchased beforehand.
  7. When he is a good host. If a guy invites you to his apartment, for a party or something, he should make sure you’re comfortable, especially if you know no one except him. He should not flirt with other girls in front of you, or leave you alone, when he sees you checking your phone out of boredom. This is a good time to check out #5 on the list also. If he is not a good host, then delete his number, because no one has time to teach petty little boys manners.
  8. When a guy is alright with staying in. One-on-one time is important in any relationship, so if you two are always going out at night or meeting up with friends, you should try suggesting a night in. If he’s opposed to the idea, then dump his ass, because what are you going to do when you’re older and going out every night has become embarrassing at your age. It’s a necessity to stay in every once in a while.
  9. When he is on time. Girls may be fashionably late, but guys should make an effort to be on time, especially during the first stages of dating.
  10. When he picks up on hints. Once you’ve been dating for some time, he should be able to know that, “I’m fine,” means “I’m going to be mad all night unless you talk this out with me.” Using intuition also shows that he’s smart and has brain cells.
  11. When a guy can match your sense of humor. I think it’s super attractive when guys can dish your sarcasm right back at you. That doesn’t mean, he should insult you without any context, but if you have a particular sense of humor, he should understand when and when not to make jokes.

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