Swimsuit Shopping Guide

Before spring break, my roommates asked me where to buy bathing suits. I don’t know if they asked because I online shop a lot, or because I’m from San Diego, but I tried my best to give them information on where to buy the best swimwear, and I’ll give the same info to you:



Alana Blanchard is sponsored by RipCurl, so she does a collaboration called “Alana’s Closet,” and individual pieces are under $80. In my opinion, their suits are the best quality for an inexpensive price. RipCurl bathing suits can be found online and in stores.


Another surf/skate brand that creates cute swimwear is Billabong. Their one-pieces are especially trendy with crochet detailing. Prices vary, but nothing is over $90, and you can buy in stores or online.



I follow this account on Instagram, so I will definitely be purchasing a suit from them this summer. The smaller swimwear brand creates minimalist suits, that are designed in Santa Monica and Venice Beach and then created in Colombia. Everything is $200 or under, and you can purchase online or at Chia Beach Co in Costa Rica.



I also follow this account on Instagram. This swimwear is designed in Australia and made in Bali. The prints are especially tropical with palm trees and huge leafs on several pieces. You can only buy online, but they ship internationally. Everything is $100 or under.

Victoria’s Secret


Be aware that you will most likely not be the only one on the beach wearing a VS bikini. If you’re okay with that, then by all means buy one or two. Nothing is over $135 and you can buy online or in stores.


The neoprene bikini is this company’s specialty. A lot of my friends complain about the bikini bottoms, because the butt is too covered and it feels odd, but the tops are definitely worth the money. Pieces are under $90, but you can only buy online.


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Lyndie Irons, who was married to the late surfing great Andy Irons, is 1/2 behind this popular company. Swimwear is a little pricey; the most expensive piece on shopbeached.com is $231. This brand is sold in most high-end retail shops and online.


This swimwear company is responsible for the fringed bandeau trend that happened summers ago (I still have mine), but they’re still creating trendy pieces today. Individual pieces are less than $120, and you can buy online or in stores.

Blue Life


The swim line from Planet Blue is a California favorite. Suits are less than $230 and are available at Planet Blue and other retailers or online.

Vitamin A

These suits are sustainably produced and made in California. By Amahlia Stevens, Vitamin A produces swimwear and beachwear. Bathing suits are all under $275 and are available at retailers and online.


I found this brand, because Danielle Bernstein is a fan, and I love her to the moon and back. Their prints are always fun and flirty. Everything is under $250 and you can buy at retailers and online.

stone fox

I follow the stone fox sweat Instagram account, for their workout clothes, but their swim account is the more popular one. Everything is under $195 and you can buy at retailers or online.

For Love & Lemons

FL&L is one of my favorite brands, and I’m so happy they created a swim line. The company is Los Angeles based and celebrity favorite. Their swim section is full of suits and fun coverups that are all under $260 and can be purchased at retailers or online.

Gooseberry Seaside

Alana Blanchard does a lot of modeling work for their lingerie brand, but they make really cute swimwear too. I love their online store, because you can shop from Instagram. Everything is under $160, and you can buy at their store in Bali or online.

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