10 Instagram Accounts You Should Turn Post Notifications On For

The new Instagram update is coming, whether we want it or not. If you have opened the app today, you have already seen the “turn on post notifications” posts from popular accounts. Before the photo sharing app gets totally turned upside down with the new timeline structure, or not, here are some of my favorite accounts that you need to know about:

@izzyisup – bikinis, surfing, beach apparel

I have known this girl for most of my life, and I am so proud of how far she has come! Every time I see her posts, I am at risk of spending my savings and buying a ticket to some remote beach.

@xococoho – surfing, volcom apparel, snowboarder boyfriend

I met this pro surfer last year at the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, CA, and she was so sweet. She’s from Hawaii, so be prepared for some major island girl vibes.

@alanarblanchard – bikinis, hawaii, surfing

In my eyes, Alana Blanchard is the It Girl of the surfing world, and needs no further promotion in order for you to follow her.

@seagysea_photography – palm trees, ocean, travel

Photographer Pip Harwood delivers bright, tropical photos that never cease to make me wish I was a dolphin or a mermaid.

@gabbyepstein – ocean, bikinis, travel

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Moments in Kauai with @sony @sonyaustralia

A post shared by Gabrielle Epstein (@gabbyepstein) on

Gabrielle Grace Epstein is #bikinibodygoals. I feel like she is always in a bathing suit, drinking coconut water 24/7.

@classisinternal – fashion, food, travel


My new favorite Instagram-er and Victoria’s Secret’s “Sexiest Social Star 2016” is Ms. Sonya Esman. She is a Russian/Canadian fashion blogger, YouTuber, model, and actress.

@theballoondiary – travel, pink balloons, french


Anna Dawson, who writes a lot of her posts in French, carries a petit pink balloon in each of her posts. It is a creative way to make her account different from every other travel inspo Instagram.

@stylebymanda – celebrities, travel, fashion


Everyone needs a good overall inspiration Insta to follow, and this is mine. It is as if I curated it myself.

@beachysummerlife – food, beaches, travel


The handle basically tells you all you need to know about this account. If you do not like summer, then do not follow; simple.

@bella_jasmine – sorority girl, california, beach

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serene & green🌱

A post shared by Bella Davis (@bella__jasmine) on

Bella is one of my oldest friends and one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. Do not break her heart, because I will come after you.


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