Music Festivals You Should Know

Festival season is approaching, which means that if you don’t already have a ticket to at least one, then you’re going to have some serious FOMO. Here are some of the ones you should be looking out for in the coming months, arranged chronologically .

Ultra Miami: The “Spring Break Rave”Festival

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset
Bryan Boy holds the Brazil flag (probably in support of how hot Brazilians are)

Go If You Love: EDM, crowds, and neon.

Where: Miami, FL

Dates: March 18-20

Coachella: The “California does Woodstock” Festival

Alessandra Ambrosio getting paid to wear her Planet Blue collab

Go If You Love: Celebrity sightings, Instagram, and bohemian fashion.

Where: Indio, CA

Dates: Weekend 1 (April 15-17), Weekend 2 (April 22-24)

Governors Ball: The “We Used to Be the East Coast Coachella” Festival

What your fashionable friends will probably look like this festival season


Go If You Love: Kanye, taking ferrys, and fanny packs.

Where: New York, NY

Dates: June 3-5

Firefly: The “It’s in Delaware” Music Festival

Seriously? A cat photo?

Go If You Love: Mud, camping, and REI

Where: Dover, DE

Dates: June 16-19

Panorama: The “We are Literally the East Coast Coachella” Festival

Obviously couldn’t find a photo of Panorama, since 2016 is it’s first year, so here’s a cool photo of a bubble

Go If You Love: Coachella, new things, and East Coast summer heat.

Where: New York, NY

Dates: July 22-24

Lollapalooza Chicago: The “We Actually Play Rock” Festival

Nothing more fashionable than elbowing your friend

Go If You Love: Alternative/rock music, rain & mud, and walking.

Where: Chicago, IL

Dates: July 28-31

Outside Lands: The “Festival in Every Sense of the Word” Festival

My bet is that her boyfriend took this photo

Go If You Love: Unpredictable weather, food & wine, and vintage fashion.

Where: San Francisco, CA

Dates: August 5-7


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