New School security guard, Gabriel Starcc, 29, reveals what it’s like watching over eclectic college students in New York City.

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The Manhattan born, Brooklyn raised man behind the desk at the New School’s Stuyvesant Park residence greeted passing students on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. It’s my first time talking to Starcc, but he’s an open book, prompting me to ask him anything.

Shayna: How did you get the job?

Gabriel Starcc: I went to go get the 16 hour and 8 hour training, that you have to take through the New York City State Department on security. They tell you what you have to do and you just go ahead and do the detail. When I was at Best Buy, Lady Gaga came to do an album signing and they picked me to stay there from 7pm, and I think she didn’t leave until 6 in the morning the next day.

S: Have you ever had to stop an incident at any of the New School buildings?

GS: We have [had] a couple of PNGs. PNG is “persona non grata.” The person cannot come in; they have no access. This person set fire to a trashcan in the building. I believe he didn’t pay his financial aid and he could no longer [attend]. He flipped out and we had to escort him out of the building. I was also here when the water main exploded by the UC (University Center). Before the UC opened, the water went into the street, flooded the basement, and I had to carry a student across the water, because she had her project with her.

S: On average, how many one night stands do you see?

GS: [In] the two biggest dorms we have, 318 and Kerry Hall, about 650 people live in each building. On average, every Friday night, I can say that at least 10 one-night-stands [happen], that I’ve noticed during my shift alone. I’m not even thinking about the overnight shift. I leave at 11pm.

S: Do guards talk about that kind of thing?

GS: Generally we don’t. There’s been a couple of instances where they’re patrolling the staircases and they run into promiscuous situations.

S: What do you do in that situation?

GS: You’re supposed to like -“Hey do you guys have a dorm?” Most of us understand. You’re young adults; we really can’t tell you what to do. As long as there’s no one being endangered, there’s nothing we can really say.

S: What do you think about all the artsy people at the New School?

GS: I understand them because I create music; I know how to photoshop, I know how to edit videos. I understand [that] artsy people are in their own world. I love watching people create, go crazy, go through the process. I know the whole feeling of it.

S: What kind of music do you make?

GS: Originally, I composed hip-hop and trap, and now I’m doing EDM/House.

S: Are you ever inspired by anything New School related?

GS: Actually, yeah. I composed a record for Simbaa -he’s a student. I composed another song for a student, Jeremiah Craft. There’s a lot of people that come into the building, who I draw inspiration from. I listen to everybody’s stuff.

S: Have you ever thought about taking any classes?

GS: Yes, I’m signing up for the 2 year Graphic Design course. You work for the school and go to college for free. Plus, the Parsons degree is the Balenciaga of degrees.





  1. This is a great reminder that the security guards at school, who provide us with protection and we sometimes walk past and take for granted, have their own hobbies, interests, outside work, etc.


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