Dating Turn-Offs


Girl Talk is a nightly occurrence in my dorm room, and I love when my two roommates, Regan and Haley, reflect on our love lives. We have different tastes in guys, thankfully, but we all know what we collectively don’t like about the guys we date.

  1. When a boy doesn’t offer to pay for the first date. I know it’s not the 1950s, but when a guy pays, it leaves a nice first impression. Going dutch can be “modern,” but it’s even hotter, when he sneaks your card out of the check to cover the whole bill himself.
  2. When he goes out of his way to declare that things between you two should be casual, on the first date. This is just plain strange. 1) First dates are casual from the get go, so to state it is kind of offensive. 2) It just sounds like an excuse to justify future booty calls.
  3. When he talks about his ex on a double-date. It’s common sense not to mention an ex. It just creates an uncomfortable situation, and his memories of her may even come across as nostalgic, which leaves you wondering why you’re even with him.
  4. When he burps during sex. Sometimes you just don’t want to be reminded of the gross side of guys, while being intimate.
  5. When he uses his phone a lot on the first date. This just screams, “I’m uninterested!”
  6. When he tries too hard to be artsy/deep/smart. This often comes across as way too forced and ends up seeming egotistical on his side.
  7. When he has bad hygiene. No one wants to be the stinky one; therefore, no one wants to date the stinky one.
  8. When he doesn’t have a plan for the future. Girls want stability, or at least I do. If he doesn’t put in the effort to plan his future, how is he going to book a reservation for Valentine’s Day or remember anniversaries. If he can’t take care of himself, how is he going to care for you?

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