Now that official lineup is out for the desert festival, the shopping, playlist making, and planning is in full swing. I’d be more excited with all of you, but I don’t plan on attending this year, because my spring break doesn’t coincide with either weekend. However, I’m still excited to find out about the newest festival trends and the special guests. Here are some tips to have the best weekend of your life:

  • Stay Hydrated!


It’s the desert, the desert is hot, hot people need water; therefore, buy the damn water bottle. The lemonade is also really good, but it’s definitely packed with sugar (not sure if it’s added sugar or not).

  • Bring a Jacket


During the day, it may seem like sleeves are the last thing you need, but the desert gets cold at night. Don’t rely on alcohol to keep you warm either; the buzz ends at some point. My advice would be to tie a jacket around your waist, or put an extra layer in a locker (reserve lockers online beforehand!).

  • Make Sure you can Walk in your Shoes


I’m not kidding about this one. My Hi-Top Converse gave me blisters by the end of the day. In the end, yes it was worth it, but be smart. Don’t wear heels and don’t wear spiked shoes (you’re in big crowd situations).

  • Try the Food and Eat Enough


I get it. You’re at the same festival as VS models. You want to get a good Instagram. You’re wearing minimal clothing. You will get hungry and you will need food. The plus about Coachella, is that the food is actually really good. They have vegan options and the dessert options are insane. Please keep yourself properly fueled; no one wants to be the reason your friends missed out on The Weeknd (I witnessed the anger).

  • Wear Sunblock/Sunscreen


Trust me you’ll get tan. That isn’t an issue here. You’ll also get a painful red mark, probably with your cute bra-lette’s design imprinted on your back, if you don’t slather or spray on protection.

Pictures: Tumblr


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