5 Apps that all New Yorkers Should Have


  • Arro


This free app for iPhone and Android works just like Uber. It lets you order a taxi and pays for the ride automatically when you’re done. If you’re already in a taxi, you can also pay through the app. It’s perfect if you want a cheaper ride, but unfortunately you can’t split the fare yet.

  • Uber


If you don’t have this app yet, download it. It’s not NYC exclusive and works almost everywhere. You just put in your credit card information and you can pay for rides through the app. What’s nice is that you are able to know what your driver looks like and the car he or she is driving, before he or she pulls up. My favorite feature of this app is that you can split rides with friends, which saves you from having to pay people back. Use my promo code (shaynas242ue) and your first ride is free up to $15-20.

  • Seamless


One of my favorite apps. I used to have Postmates, but I quickly switched over. This free app lets you order from restaurants close-by, and there’s no delivery charge as long as you reach the minimums (usually $10-25).

  • Google Maps


My first week in NYC this app was recommended to me for the easiest way to use the subway. It tells me which lines to take and factors in maintenance and delays, which I gladly appreciate.

  • OpenTable


I’ve been using OpenTable forever, because I love making reservations. For every reservation you make, you earn points that can be turned into money off a future meal. I especially love that the app tells you the pricing and dress code.

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