Victoria Beckham


Date: December 7th, 2015 Where: Victoria Beckham Showroom in New York City Better, Expected, or Worse: Meeting Mrs. Beckham was as expected. 

My step-mother had gotten tickets to an American Express event to visit Victoria Beckham’s showroom, shop her newest collection, and meet the legend herself. We arrived on time to the Chelsea location and were greeted by the typical gorgeous catering boys. Victoria was MIA in the beginning, but made her appearance after awhile, with small entourage in tow. She was wearing a dress from her collection and a black trench coat. I recognized one of her posse as Ken Paves (celebrity hair stylist). She was sipping on what she later revealed as tequila, and as I walked past her she quipped something about “puke.” Then the event started and she took her seat next to Jessica Diehl (Vanity Fair), who was moderating the conversation. Victoria narrated as models walked down the “catwalk” in her collection. She referenced how looks were “glamorous” multiple times. She mentioned her family and David quite a bit-as if we would ever forget. She also made a cute comment about the Spice Girls and her solo album. After the presentation was finished, trying to get a picture with the Brit was difficult. She was in demand, and her attention was never focused on one person for very long. I stood next to her quietly and posed for picture with my step-mom. She didn’t ask for names or background information, but I did hear her make a comment about not wanting a hangover the next day. After she had seemingly made her rounds, she sat on the couch with her entourage.

Photo: Tumblr


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