The Types of People You Meet at an Art School


I’m a freshman at The New School in New York City, which is home to the colleges of Parsons, Mannes, Drama, Lang, Jazz and more. This means that, for better or worse, I come across several different types of “artsy” people on a daily basis. If you’re thinking about applying/transferring to an arts school, read ahead and take heed.



Growing up in Southern California, I’m familiar with these types of guys. They come from various areas, but all brought their skateboards to college and skate from class to class. Most likely studying the liberal arts (psychology, film, music, photography), these guys have somewhat of a plan. Boys who skate always seem to have interesting back stories, whether that means unique home dynamics, past/present bad habits, or surprising entrepreneurial skills. I’d say 75% of skaters are sweethearts once you get to know them.



Whether Instagram signed or actually belonging to an agency, these girls are looking to take advantage of their surroundings. They can be found at clubs and trendy gyms when not in class. 90% of these girls are extremely nice and work hard in the modeling industry. Usually surrounded by other models, they’re always spotted in typical “off-duty” apparel.

Fashion People


This category ranges from bloggers, stylists, designers, interns, and the full time employed upperclassmen. Threads vary from well styled Forever 21 to Dior. They can be found at brunch, the gym, shopping, fashion events, museums, actually pretty much anywhere. Instagram aesthetics are a top priority and if you mispronounce “Givenchy “you are going to be judged.



I know for a fact that there are YouTubers, royalty, and models that attend the same school as me. It’s a rarity to see them, but when you do it’s an event.

Party Girls


Promoters are on speed dial for these lovely ladies who always take advantage of the weekend. Their night out wardrobe looks like a Nasty Gal look book, and they never pay for drinks. 50% of the time, they are from Southern California, Miami, or some other beach city. Not really sure if I relate in any way to these girls, but their lives do look fun.

Social Activists


Proof that our generation is headed in the right direction, these people care about serious issues and are doing everything to make the world a better place. Often studying gender studies, psychology, or journalism, activists always bring the facts to an argument. On the other hand, most are open-minded, “ready to learn” beings, while only a small percent are the aggressive “I’m right, you’re wrong” types.

Pictures: Tumblr

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