Del Mar Horse Races

The annual hat lovers event is taking place right now in Del Mar, California, and my friends and I decided to partake. We parked in a shopping center parking lot and took one car to the track. Valet was $25, but we went for it. Entry varies from $6-$60, depending on how fancy you want to be. The Turf Club was our scene, and we were surrounded by sheath-sporting housewives and frustrated trophy husbands. We were sat at a table next to a group of well-dressed boys our age, so we asked them for betting advice, not that we were really interested. 

The food isn’t free, so I just ordered a hummus plate, because prices are high. I decided to bet on the horses with the best names. My personal favorite was “Dressed in Hermes,” who happened to win me some money. Races are about every 20 minutes, so there are a bunch of chances to win. I won $6.20 total, which is impressive for me, but one of the guys who was sitting next to us won $4,500. I’m just not that adventurous. I would recommend paying the $60 to get into The Turf Club at least once, because it truly is a better experience, but eating lunch there isn’t a necessity. Parking wasn’t that big of an issue, so valeting would depend on your choice of footwear and the heat. If you’ve never been to a horse race, and you don’t want to start at the Kentucky Derby, then I’d highly consider taking a trip to Del Mar.

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