Thousand Steps Beach

This Instagram-trending spot in Laguna Beach, California is home to an oceanside, man-made pool (pictured above). If you cross over the rocks, there’s also a deep tide pool, that’s more equipped for swimming. Unfortunately for me, the bigger pool was closed, because of the tide. Parking isn’t a huge issue, but there are only spots on the street available. 

To get to the beach, there are (I believe) 500 steps, so both ways equals 1000, earning the name “Thousand Steps Beach.” Once you get down to the sand, head to the far left. The pool is cliffside, and the other pool is further down that way. There is a lifeguard during the summer, so I’ve heard that spring is the best time to go, because there’s less supervision, so you can explore more. The water is unbelievably clear, but the waves are strong. The beach is surrounded by clifftop houses with private staircases straight down to the beach. I would recommend an umbrella, but god knows how you would deal with carrying that down and up 500 stairs. Just be prepared for a lot of heat and sunlight. Also, be prepared for attractive guys, because there are a lot of them at this beach.

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