Independence Month

July marks the middle of summer. The weather is the best, everyone is out of school, and sleeping in is a must. I’ve hardly been to any movies this summer, but I did see three great movies this month (two made the list). I’ve also developed a nice tan, which I’m very proud of. July has treated me well.

  1. I went to the opening night of the On the Road Again Tour and saw Icona Pop and One Direction perform. This is the same show, where Harry Styles hilariously fell and Liam Payne called a fan’s mother.
  2. Omen (feat. Sam Smith) by Disclosure is my new favorite song of the summer, because it makes me dance instantly.
  3. I bought this Free People Crystal Bay Jumpsuit (in a different color than pictured) for a weekend in August, and I’m just so excited to wear it.
  4. I went to the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside and saw some pretty sweet pro surfers (and I got tan).
  5. Inside Out was such a good movie! It was a tough one to watch as an incoming college freshman, but I pulled through amongst the tear jerking imaginary friend references.
  6. Trainwreck was a hilarious movie, but it was so uncomfortable to watch sitting next to my father. Bill Hader is still adorable.
  7. I bought my bedding for my dorm! I got a Kate Spade New York comforter and sham set and a throw pillow.

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