Supergirl Pro 2015

The 9th Annual Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro took place in Oceanside, CA this past weekend, and I gladly attended the second day. It’s the largest women’s surfing event in the world and it featured athletes such as Alana Blanchard, Lakey Peterson, Coco Ho, Sage Erickson, and Malia Manuel.

The free event was on the left side of the pier, and although parking is tough to find my friend managed to score us a really close spot. That day there were three autograph signings, but we only made it to two. We met Sage Erickson, Coco Ho, and Lakey Peterson. Unfortunately, Alana Blanchard didn’t make it into the later heats, so we didn’t even see her surf. There were a lot of booths along the beach promoting energy drinks, selling surf apparel, and braiding hair. I bought myself a long sleeve shirt that reads “supergirl pro” on the back. That night, Cody Lovaas performed on stage, but we left right before that. The weather was fantastic for a day at the beach, and it was a low-key enough event that security didn’t need to be aggressive and the whole event seemed to be organized just enough. The surfers would watch the competition on the beach along with the rest of us; I had Coco Ho sit behind me and Tatiana Weston-Webb next to me.

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