Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla Coconut

Rating: 2/10

I’ve heard a lot of things about natural deodorants, mostly bad things, but I decided to try one out despite the hate. The Lavanila Laboratories deodorant in Vanilla Coconut was the winner I chose, but boy did I regret my choice. The smell of the deodorant itself is highly pleasing, but once applied to the skin…it’s another story. I smell exactly like who this product was made for, a materialistic hippie. I’m the hippie who tries too hard. I project that I don’t care what I smell like, but I added some vanilla and coconut for my benefit only. It’s not a pleasant smell, and I am not that person. It also doesn’t really work as a deodorant should. It’s light coverage, at best. Don’t work out while wearing this deodorant, don’t sweat while using this deodorant, don’t move basically. I imagine that the outcome of this product might be better in colder climates, but I live in Southern California and it’s the middle of summer. I would, however, like to give high praise to the lack of animal testing and harsh chemicals, but I wouldn’t buy this product again.

$14 @ drugstores

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