Coachella 2015: Weekend One

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I never fully understood the Coachella hype until this weekend. This was my first musical festival experience, but not my last. 2015 was a good year to go, because of all the improvements from previous years. There were real bathrooms, credit cards were accepted, and the walk to Coachella was way shorter from the shuttle stop. I’m happy I went GA, but VIP is definitely the way to go if you can; that’s where most of the celebrities are. That being said, I danced at Kaskade with Cody Ko, saw Kenny Holland on the way to the shuttles, asked Alessandra Ambrosio for a selfie (face-palm), saw Nicky and Paris Hilton get bombarded for photos, took pics with Caspar Lee and Alexa Losey, and saw Oli White and Joe Sugg. The musical highlights were Azealia Banks, Drake, ACDC, alt-J, The Weekend, Florence + The Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, and DJ Snake. And yes, I was there when Tyler, the Creator cussed out Kendall Jenner, Madonna kissed Drake, and Florence Welch took off her top. If you’re planning on going next weekend, you should know that bindis and flash tattoos are still very much a part of Coachella fashion and that the food is amazing, but still expensive.

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