The Art Institute of Chicago

Processed with MoldivRated as one of the top art museums in the world, The Art Institute houses several of my favorite pieces. I went with my mother on a Saturday, but it wasn’t crowded due to the St. Patrick’s Day parade outside. Tickets are fairly cheap, and I bought a combined Skydeck and Art Institute ticket. Museums in general overwhelm me, but I see them as a challenge. (I once got lost in the Louvre.) I’m studying AP Art History this year, so I actually knew somewhat what was going on in each exhibit. The painting above (Water Lily Pond) is by one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet. His pastel works are my new obsession. Processed with Moldiv

There’s a good mixture of famous and lesser known pieces in each collection. American Gothic (above) by Grant Wood was in the American section. I’d never seen this piece in person, so it was surreal to see the original. Aside from the art, let me just say that the museum’s cafe on the lower level is on point. I highly recommend visiting The Art Institute of Chicago, but only if you have ample time; it’s not something you just breeze through.

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