Louis Vuitton Series 2
Processed with Moldiv

This morning I hopped in the Jag, and my father and I took a trip up north to see the Louis Vuitton exhibit. The exhibition, located in the art and media district, was an interpretation of the Spring 2015 collection. The entrance, titled “Abstract Title,” has a huge, neon LV logo on display. The next room, “Talking Faces,” replicates the opening animation from the actual show. “Magic Trunk” features one of the famous, trademark trunks as a backdrop for holographic projections. Processed with Moldiv“Savior-faire Room” has three screens each showing how a specific product is hand crafted. “Accessories Gallery” is a pure white room with objects showcased like the picture above. Then there is an open space, where you can grab two stickers and a poster. #swag The “Infinite Showroom,” a.k.a my favorite part, is a 360-degree mirrored projection of all 48 looks. Then it ends in the “Backstage” space, where the backstage of the fashion show is recreated.

Processed with Moldiv

#LVSERIES2 is open to the public and free to attend, so I highly recommend checking it out before it heads to Beijing. I went fairly early in the morning, and there weren’t too many people there, but it definitely gets crowded as the day goes on.

P.S. If you plan on going, beware of the loud, rich middle-aged women who think fashion is “fun.”

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