Curry and Company Reunited with my half-brother and sister-in-law for some curry. We ate, caught up, and came up with baby names. If they have kids, the boy will be Landon Jackson and the girl will be Jocelyn Penelope (I came up with Penelope #yourewelcome). Brandy Melville necklace, Kate Spade New York iPhone 5S case, LF bomber jacket, H&M cropped… Read More #OOTD


Torrey Pines State Reserve Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers! This morning my mother and I hiked up Torrey Pines, where we worked off the combined 3 huge holiday cookies consumed the previous night. Remember New Year’s Eve is coming, which means sparkly dresses and resolutions. xoxo


Ogx Creamy Body Lotion in Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus Rating: 8/10 This is the hipster of drugstore lotions. Everyone knows about this brand’s shampoo and conditioner, because they’re tumblr famous. The lotion is not a disappointment. It smells like coconut, but not like cheap coconut. It’s pretty light, so it doesn’t deeply moisturize or last very long.… Read More #BEAUTYREVIEW